​My Big Brother

I will never forget the private message I received from Julie on August 12,2014. It told me Donnie Moore was trying to reach my mom. I was so excited that when I responded the 30 seconds it took for her to respond back seemed like hours. Well needless to say it was my big brother, "Little Don" (as I always new him as) and he had hired Troy the Locator and his team to find us. I grew up praying for my big brother and hoped one day to have him in my life. Well, thanks to Troy the Locator  and his team that dream came true. We talked that day and just about every day until November 5th when after 51 years I met my big brother for the 1st time. I have to say that hug was the best I ever had for it was 51 yrs in the making.Thanks to Troy the Locator 

and his awesome team I am moving to TN (by the end of 2015) to spend the rest of my days on earth with my big brother, Donnie. I now know what its like to have a big brother and I will forever be grateful. If you need to find a lost love one they are the REAL DEAL. - Donna B.

A Mother's Love

​ My life's book began on ​ January 28, 1968, just 19 days after I turned 3. All my life, I did not have pictures or documentation of my life before 3. Then this past year, I met my father and my siblings from my father and that added a little to my history, but nothing I could touch that would make my first 3 years "real." Then Julie found my mother's family. She had passed away in 2007, so I was not able to meet her, but I did meet my aunt and uncles, her siblings. They gave me some pictures of her and one of me when I was almost 2 years old. So, some record of my early days appeared and I began to get a clearer picture of my beginning. I still wanted more... a picture of me with my mother, real baby pictures, etc. My story was still not complete. That changed today when I received a manila envelope in my mailbox. I was shaking, unable to breathe as I opened the envelope and pulled out the treasures that awaited me. Inside, I found the hospital birth record listing my parents names, my given name and my birth date and time. Then I saw the pictures! As I looked at them one by one, the faucet of tears began to flow and I could not stop the tears or my shaking. They were pictures of me as a 2 year old, taken just 2 months before I was taken away.  Pictures of me as a baby, one of my grandmother holding me in her arms. One playing in the snow as a 1 year old, I think. Then came the two pictures that completely took my breath away! In those two pictures, I could feel the love that I know my mother had for me. A picture of me sitting on my mother's lap, something I have never seen and was too little to have remembered.  How I wish I could have met her as an adult and let her know that everything is okay and I forgive her for her decision to give me up. The other picture was of me as a newborn in the hospital, with my hospital bracelet on. A     real picture of me as a baby!! Never could I have imagined the emotions that the pictures  would have brought to me or the healing that is  happening deep in my heart and soul!  Thank you, Julie, for helping me locate my mother's family!! You are an angel and helped me complete my puzzle. I will never forget what you did for me. - Terri S.

A Phone Call That Forever Changed My Life

Truly what I consider the most amazing team ever, I cannot say enough positive things about The Locator Team. There is one member in particular that stands out most for me, the amazing Julie. It all started the day I received that phone call that would forever change my life, it was Julie and with the amazing work that she does Julie was able united me with 3 sisters that I never knew existed; she was even able to provide me information about my birth mother and her family. One can never, ever thank her enough for all she has been able to do for us. One of the favorite things about Julie is that she still keeps in contact with us, she continues to update on her progress with locating our other siblings that are still missing. What more could a person ask for? Julie, you are truly an angle and I thank you for all you have been able to do for us. Your friend in New Jersey, Robert

"The Tummy"

Several years ago as I was watching The Locator. The statement runs true about "having all the pieces." For me, we needed to put pieces together for not only me, but my son. I contacted his company and we got Julie as our researcher. Yeah! I only had a name of my bio dad and it seemed like in no time Julie had located his family. Unfortunately, he had passed years earlier. Now onto my son. We needed Julie to not only locate his Momma but, to find out if she would like to see/meet him. This needed to be done with great sensitivity due to nature in which my child was given up for adoption. Julie had sent out letters, made calls and she had gotten no response but she had her name, with that we went to trolling social sites and low and behold.Julie sent her a private message and at midnight that night I got a phone call from a woman who had always wondered how he was or if he was even alive. Our son is multiply handicapped and it seemed like every time he saw a pregnant woman, he would ask and I had to inform him not from my tummy. He asked to see the tummy and Julie made that possible. What's even nicer is our (hers and mine) son has gone through some medical hiccups and I can just message her and ask and he has seen his Momma in which this mom is most grateful to and for. Thanks again The Locator Team and Julie.

Friends Reconnected After 60 Years

​Hi, Julie. I just wanted to again extend my deepest appreciation to you for the incredible search efforts and speedy results.  I have been trying to find these people for years and you did it in one day. I am still on "Cloud 9" over this.  You were able to turn up all relevant dates and details which were very helpful.  I hope I will be able to reconnect with them soon and fill in the missing pieces from all these years apart. I was never so pleased to pay a bill in my life.  You made my day and I am so very grateful.  It must be wonderful and very gratifying to be in a business that makes people so happy! Thanks again! Don 


Words will never suffice to express my gratitude for finding my father. Thank you, thank you, thank you ​from the bottom of my ​heart. - Nadia R.

I Couldn't Love My Daughter More

We had the most fabulous reunion and stay in contact! Julie, you were and always are my angel. It's been three years now and I couldn't love my daughter more! May God richly bless you in all of your endeavors. I'll always have a place in my heart and life for you. - Sue G.


I'm a client of The Locator Team, I was linked to them thru Troy the Locator and, let me say, they are true Professionals! They held my hand the entire way, made every step easy and comfortable. Thanks isn't enough. I truly adore these two ladies, Linda and Julie. They explained the entire process, and asked all the right people the right and proper questions. And voila I am reunited with my son! They have my gratitude and my son's family's gratitude forever! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! - Laura C.W.

Ancestor Connections

Hi Julie, After some difficulty in understanding Mary (evidently she has a speech impediment) we were able to get a phone number from her and spent close to 2 hours on the phone with Elva, daughter of Joseph Louis. Three of the kids including Elva are from a previous marriage as Mary was his second wife. Elva was very nice and plans are being made for us to visit Elva and other family there in Las Vegas. We are hopeful that we may find some pictures of Hope's father and other ancestors through that visit. We would like to thank you and Linda for the great service and results. I just wish we would have done this a few years earlier. You guys do top notch work and we would never hesitate to use you again or to recommend you. Thanks Again! Bert & Hope 

A Blessing Beyond Description

Thank you, Julie, for finding me and uniting me with my uncle that I never knew existed. Finding out that my mother had a brother that she never knew about has been truly one of THE most exciting things that I have ever experienced. Though Uncle Don & I have not yet been able to meet in person yet, we have formed a bond over the past few months that is inseparable. We talk daily and I know that my mom is watching from above with a huge smile on her face to see the love that her brother & I share for each other. We are each other's only blood relatives on my mothers side & this has been a blessing beyond description. - Stacey C.

My One Regret

Julie, My one regret in this search you did for me is that I waited so long to have it done. A short time after you sent me the details, I was literally shaking due to the anticipation of actually talking to Barb. I called her almost right away, and we talked for 1-3/4 hours. I called her again the following Monday (we plan to talk no more than once a week) and we talked for 3 hours. I raised the question with her about coming down for a short visit, as long as it was okay with her husband. I stressed that I'm not wanting to come down there to interfere with her marriage of almost 19 years. I heard back from her. I think she and her sister are almost as excited about getting together as I am. Her husband understands, and is okay with my visit. I made a couple suggestions for when, and am waiting to hear back from her now. Based on the conversations we've had about our son, I believe strongly that my visit with her will give both of us closure on his unfortunate death. This contact with Barb has really stirred some emotions I didn't know I had. The emotions are happy and sad, but has made me feel more alive than I have felt in many years.Thank you for making all this possible. John

Full Circle

​​Thank you! My father and I have spoken on the phone numerous times since Sunday afternoon. We do have plans to meet some time in the near future but no specific date has been set. I still wonder what seeing him in person will be like and when it happens, I will let you know. I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring my life full circle. I will definitely keep in touch as you are also a huge part of my life forever.  Sandra R.

The Locator Team -

An Angel Watching Over Us

First and foremost, I have to thank our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for bring closure to my mother's side of the family. The case was opened on 5/4/16 and final results on 6/1/16.   Julie, I thank you so much for all your efforts that you have put into my family  search. I've been in constant contact with my sister Clara (talking almost every night), 2 brothers; David and Sean, 2 uncles/aunts, nieces, nephews, and cousins. My other brother, Clarence, we grew up together. Me and my siblings are planning to unite for the first time in over 52 years in August. Me and Clarence live in Virginia, the other three live in California.  What makes this even more exciting is that my birth mom (Barbara) has ALWAYS  made it known that she had two older children who were adopted out,  but they couldn't find us. She passed in 1998, but she lives on through my siblings.  Me, Clarence, my children and my grandchildren are over the top excited. They have been looking for us just as long as we've been looking for them. The memories and information that they have provided has been very much HEART FELT.  I could go on and on but I'm not going to take up any more of your time but I  just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I would definitely recommend "The Locator" to anyone who is looking for someone.

Long Lost Family, Adoption and DNA Searches

The Brother I Never Knew I Had

In 2010, I had a terrific experience with Julie and her team. Julie contacted me in behalf of my brother whom I didn't even know existed . Also I was reunited with my father after 41 years. I was hesitant at first but my fears were quickly put to the side when Julie handled me with kid gloves. She was very sensitive to my feelings and the situation I was in. I would recommend Julie and her team in a heartbeat. This was one of the best experiences of my life. I gained an entire family. Thank you, Julie and team! - Carolyn

Haunting Questions Answered 

Today was the best Christmas I believe I have ever had. Thanks to you. God Bless. It was one of those moments taken out of time. The kind you know you will remember the rest of your life. When Julie contacted me on Facebook I was wary. My initial thoughts running to what have I done to have a private investigator track me down. A split second later the old hopes reemerged. What if? What if my birth family had engaged their services? After 55 years of quashed dreams, of unanswered hopes and prayers, of inventing different scenarios to explain why they did not want us…What if? My twin brother and I had been together, so I’ve been lucky to have a little piece of family by my side. But we had no history, no heritage, no idea who we looked like and no way of finding out. When the internet was still new I had listed every bit of information I could think of on every ‘adoption reunion’ website I could find. In the last few years they've started charging for their listings. After all these years of being listed without any responses, how would paying a fee improve my chances? So I began to accept that it just wasn't meant to be. Then my life changed in the span of a few short sentences. Gaining the answers to the myriad of questions has worked wonders in undoing years of abandonment and pain. My family and I can't seem to get enough of each other. ​We are always making plans, sharing our families, our lives. I feel complete. I am forever grateful to Julie and the Locator Team. I couldn’t be more thrilled and delighted with my newly found sisters and brother, nieces and nephew, aunt and cousins, and my great-nephew! Though I’ll never get to meet my parents, I now have answers to the questions that have haunted me all of my life. And my favorite part… I look like Mom! - Patty A.

A Hole Filled for the Holidays

Hi Julie and Linda, I wanted to provide you a quick update on my contact with my father. I took a few days to absorb the information that you provided and to allow Mr. M time to absorb it and discuss with his wife. I'm happy to report that I called him today and we had a very pleasant conversation and we asked each other questions about the past and our families. I am now friends with him and his wife on Facebook and she reached out to me with her email address so that I could email her so that she could share geneology information with me...along with pictures. I cannot thank you enough for closing this hole that I have had in my life for some time. I wish you both Happy Holidays! Thanks Brian

Beyond My Expectations

Hey, Julie. Not sure how to say thank you for all you have done... Somehow, words just don't seem to be enough.  It was beyond my expectations to meet my dad's family. The bonding process has been quick and definite. And, probably the best thing that has happened to me on this planet next to my salvation, and wife and children. The good Lord is in what you do, in every way.  More than saying "Thank You," all I can do is pray that He continues to bless you, your family and all of your endeavors. You are now, and will always be, in my prayers. - Shane W.

From Hopeless to Hope

Hi there, Julie. Today, I talked to my Dad. Which is a sentence I never, ever thought I would hear come out of my mouth!!! We talked for over an hour and a half, of which he did most of the talking!  It all still feels so surreal to me. But one thing I know I am sure of is that I'm so thankful for you and Linda and anyone else who was a part of locating him. You were that link that connected us back to each other. There truly aren't words to express my gratitude and a simple "thank you" doesn't begin to do it justice but thankful I am! As a child, I remember lighting a candle for my Dad every year around Christmas time and sending him thoughts of love and wishing him well and expressing my longing to know him and have him know me. Then as I got older and gathered information (little at that) about him the realization of all of those hopes and dreams faded and bottomed out to my own self conclusion that he must be dead. I really had convinced myself that I probably never would have the chance to tell him how I feel. From time to time I would muster some hope and courage to look for him again but everything always came to a dead end. It just seemed all too impossible. So thank you for taking the chance on this "hopeless case". I can only hope that it does just that, gives HOPE. Gratefully yours,Tiffany A.   Update!: Thank you from the depths of my heart. There is healing taking place in my family  I never thought would ever happen. My heart can barely contain all of the joy. A family reunited after 28 years. This would of never happened without you! Thank you!                          

Who Am I ?

After I had searched on my own, since I was 18, I composed the above video to share on the internet my search efforts in an attempt to finally locate my family. Julie, the greatest private investigator on this Earth, saw my video and worked so hard into all hours of the night to bring my search to a conclusion ON my birthday! I received photographs of my family and met a blood relative for the first time in my life. This was the BEST birthday ever! I highly recommend Julie to anyone in search!  - Wendy K.

One Big, Happy Family!

Hi, Julie.  It's me, Linda. I'm not sure if you remember me but you helped me find my son, Jeff, in 2009. Your name came up the other day as we were  all reminiscing about how we found each other.  It is now 4 years later (which is hard to believe) and we are going  strong. Last year as a surprise for  me, our entire family got together for the very first time ever in KC. This was quite an accomplishment as we are 21 strong in 4 different states. Eleven  grandchildren ranging from 18 months to 18 years. I just wanted you to know that we are forever grateful for your help in being reunited. I have attached two pictures from that very happy day and one from our first meeting. If one could ask for a perfect Thanksgiving, this was it. Everyone got along as if we had been together the whole 43 (now 47) years. Jeff  and I were so overwhelmed, as you can imagine. We are one big, happy family loving and sharing in each others' lives. Jeff and I have the most amazing bond as if we had never been separated. Jeff's family and mine, now our family, were so accepting and loving from the very beginning. So, I say to you once again, anytime you may be having a down day or not too many happy endings, please think of us and how happy we are because of you. Thank you again! With warmest personal regards, Linda (and the whole family)

A Family Christmas - 28 Years in the Making

This is my Dad being reunited with his siblings after 28 years!!! I can not tell you how much this picture means not just to me but to our whole family. This is a dream come true. I remember as a child each year at Christmas lighting a candle for my Dad and thinking about him, wishing him thoughts of wellness, love, and hoping he wasn't alone. This year I got to see him face to face and tell him those thoughts thanks to you and all of your hard work and dedication to helping people find their lost loved ones. This was a Christmas that will never be forgotten and I just wanted to share it with you. You made this possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Much love, Tiffany

Identical Twins Separated at Birth - Reunited!

I want everyone know how happy I'm this Christmas. Something wonderful has finally come true for me. I've found my birth family and also found out I have an identical twin sister. I'm so excited to get to meet everyone but most of all my twin whom I've felt my whole life even though I didn't know she existed until Thanksgiving weekend 2014. I just never knew why I felt only half complete. I always thought it was because I was adopted. Don't feel bad about that because I had a wonderful childhood and had loving parents. They've gone on to heaven but I'm hoping that they have been watching this reunion take place. God bless to my new family and Merry, Merry Christmas to the entire Crum and Hoover family. Soon we will all meet and I'm looking forward to it. - Susan H. (Update! Susan met her mom!)


Julie, I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help with Tammy. I talked to Joyce for about 20 minutes. I still can't believe how happy she was to hear from me! She then called Tammy to give her my information at which time Tammy called me right back. We spoke for an hour, each of us asking the other a hundred questions. We are both so excited to in contact again that we promised each other that we could talk often and NEVER lose touch again!!! I can't possibly thank you enough for bringing my cousin back to me! - Tammy

My Life is Forever Changed

What can I say about these people. I'll tell you one thing, thank you isn't strong enough and will never be good enough for me to say for what they gave me. They have been AMAZING to work with! Finally after 23 LONG years, I've been reunited with my biological father. At the age of 8 being told about my dad by my step dad, I have always wondered and wanted to meet him. When in my mid teen years, 15-16 about, my mom and aunt began to talk to me more about him and supported me searching. Over the past few years with the support of all my family and friends AND a family who had adopted me emotionally into their family as their own, I have gained the strength in my heart to make sure my dad was in my life for good! I couldn't be luckier to have come across The Locator Team. Andy helped me get started and Julie tracked down my father. My life is forever changed. Today, now, a week later, I'm in touch with family all over the country and learning more about my family history everyday. God has blessed me BIG TIME and I'll never know what I did to deserve such amazing people, now, finally in my life. Thank you The Locator Team! Julie and Andy, I don't know if I can speak for all my family when I say this, but you have family in me. With lots of love and a BILLION, BILLION thank yous! God bless! - Brian H-R.

Filling the Void and Finding the Answers

Julie, I had waited many years but finally decided to try to locate my mother. I was so impressed with the way you went about your job, along with all of the info you found for me. When you found the information that she had passed and all of the other things, you were so kind and understanding when you filled me in on what you had found. You were so helpful. I want you to know how important your job is to someone like me. It fills the void and answers questions that I had for so many years. Thank you for doing what you do. It is so very important!  Karen B., Fayette, Iowa

My Dad is my Heart

You changed my life forever! I can't even tell you how much I appreciate everything you have done for me! Tomorrow is the big day, thanks to you. My hopes and dreams have become the most beautiful reality that sometimes I can't even believe it is happening to me! Finding my dad just made me the happiest girl in the work! He's wonderful, loving and sweet... everything I knew he would be. My dad is my heart! I can't wait to put my arms around him for the first time! Thank you, Julie, for giving me the most precious gift of all - family! - ​Doreese Z.

30 Years of Prayers Answered In One Day                                   

I had a great experience with Julie and her team. There was a woman looking for her family and that's how I got my gift. Come to find out she is my cousin and speaking with Julie I told her a little about my background. My birth mother gave me and 2 brothers up when I was 15 and they were 7 and 2.They got placed together and the foster family I had moved in with moved to South Carolina and I never to see or hear from my brothers again. I was so crushed after almost 30 years of searching and praying that one day I would be reunited with them. Well, in one day Julie had located them and my prayers were answered - I got in contact with my brother. In less than 6 months, I was able to get on a plane and finally put my arms around him. The sad part was finding them both in one day and then finding out that one had passed away. My story is so amazing and so emotional it is still hard for me to talk about but God works in amazzzzzing ways! I guess He finally thought I was ready and I'm in contact now and talk to him often.  Angel 

We Will Meet One Day

To my friends, I would like to thank you for your help and showing me the pictures of my father. Although he is with the Lord now, I know that we will meet one day when my Journey is over. I just had to know where I got my looks from, as when I was a child my hair was snow white and they called me Snowball. Everything still hasn't sunk in yet; it's so surreal to know that he helped to give me life. God bless and take care. - Roger M.

Desires of my Heart

After almost 33 years, I now have access to my fathers name and that whole side of my family. Sadly I found out he has passed away. I am happy though now knowing who he was and I have two new sisters and a brother, cousins, aunts, uncles. I'm excited about meeting them. I have a lot of homework to do on finding out my family history. God has given me the desires of my heart time after time. Thank you Linda for taking my case. Thank you Julie for all the help you did in finding them for me. Here is to another chapter in my
life to begin! - Kristen F.

Mary's Life is Complete

Mary K's Facebook status on January 14, 2011 was: "The search is over! I found my family!" The search is over... those four little words mean so much! Mary searched for so long and when she found, she found a family who welcomed her with love and open arms! Her brother, Norwood's, first words to her were, "Well, I guess I have a baby sister I didn't even know existed; when are ya' coming for a visit?" And visit she did! Here is a photo of Mary (right) with her brother, Norwood and sister, Laverne. The inset is her sister, Louise, who passed away one month after they met. Their resemblance is striking! The family bond is still strong and Mary says: "Julie, you have filled a hole I didn't even know existed in my heart. I know I have said this over and over again and I will probably say it again but you made my life complete. Thank you so much!"

The Gift

After years of searching and always hitting dead ends, we finally hit the jackpot! I had a conversation with my husband and he wanted to - needed to - find his mom's family. He expressed fear that he would be too late and never get to know his Grandma, and if that happened, he wouldn't be able to live with himself. That night, after looking again on the internet for hours, scouring public records and various websites, I had nothing... but I promised I would find them. Before I went to bed, I posted on my Facebook about how we had been searching for Jon's family and asked if anyone had any advice. A very good friend of ours gave us Julie's information. I messaged her the very next morning and within minutes she had found my husband's family. I cried so much that morning, it was our 13th anniversary and Julie had given me the most amazing gift to give to my husband! I gave my husband a card and in it I had written all of the information that Julie had given me. This was, by far, the most amazing first I have ever had the privilege of giving my husband. He had a sadness about him for so long - an emptiness that couldn't be filled - but the day he met his Grandma and aunties and uncle, it was filled. Thank you, Julie, you have a truly amazing gift and I am thankful for your help! Dee D.

The Best Gift

I filled out a couple things off of Troy the Locator site in hopes of finding my dad. I'm almost 30 years old and since I was little I have had a part of me missing not knowing who he is or where he was. I got contacted by Julie and her investigation team. They took all the information I had and told me they would get back to me. I think it was about 3 months later Julie reached out to me and told me they found my dad. I was scared, everyone was telling me to make sure. She found my dad right before Christmas and she gave me the best gift that I could of ever asked for. I have reached out and contacted my dad. We have talked over the phone and we have sent letters and cards and pictures back and forth. Those things I will forever cherish. We are shooting to meet in person hopefully sometime this summer. Thank you, Julie, for giving me the best gift that I have always dreamed of having. This has forever changed my life and my daughter has a new grandpa in her life. - Jennifer D.

A New Journey

My Name is Eugene. I was watching Troy the Locator on Dr. Phil. I was so impressed and fascinated by the heart and compassion of Troy. I immediately wrote an e-mail to Troy the Locator. I was a man searching for my father and siblings for 48 years. All I ever had was a name and a city. I all but gave up all hope. All my life, I wrote letters called everyone with his name. Troy was my last hope. I received a reply from Linda who was very, very nice. It made my day that they noticed my email and replied. Linda directed me to Julie whom worked personally with me to get all the information needed for the search. After a very short wait, I received a message from Julie asking for a picture. Julie was very excited. This gave me hope and rocked my world. (Julie, Linda and Troy rock, by the way.) Julie then got back to me that there is a very good possibility my father and two sisters were located. Julie handled everything that had to do with the search and the contact. The Locator Team did it. Now I am in contact with the two most amazing SISTERS a brother could ask for. Troy, Linda and Julie brought together two sisters and a brother who were all searching. To find out my sisters were praying for me to find them truly made my 48 year search the most amazing thing ever. With Troy, Linda and Julie, three siblings that found each other would of never happened. The cost was extremely low for the amount of time and energy it took to locate my family. I love Troy, Linda and Julie. I now have family that look, act and think like me. I'm the most happy I have ever been. Thank you, Troy the Locator, The Locator Team, Linda and Julie. Now I have a new journey of life - family and friends full of love and compassion. The love and compassion by all the above is priceless and divine. Eugene Francis Foster Clampitt, son of Michael Lester Foster. brother of Renee Norris and Amanda Foster. All made possible because of people who care with heart.

Finally At Peace

​Julie, I just want to thank you so much for finding my son! We have been corresponding by mail then on Christmas Eve he sent me a dozen roses. Last night he called me on the phone and for the first time I got to hear his beautiful voice! We do plan to meet sometime in 2015. I am now at peace! Thank you!

The Family Bible

We are so happy for you, Elizabeth! I had goosebumps when your sister told me that your name was in the family bible. I can't even imagine the emotions that flooded you when I passed along that news. You were so most definitely always loved and never forgotten! Enjoy your family! - Julie  "Thank you to everyone at The Locator Team.They gave me back they family I was always supposed to have. Now I know I was always loved." - Elizabeth 

Thank You for Finding Us!

Thank you, Julie. Three years ago today you gave me the answers to the questions I had been looking for, even though it was the news I expected, it has been an amazing time meeting my deceased son's family! You were so heartbroken having to tell me the news, you stuck by me to make sure I was okay and I say Thank You! You have a heart for your mission in life! Tomorrow is the 17th anniversary of his death. Nicole and I relive your calls to each of us and laugh and cry. It turns out her and my youngest sons have mutual friends and walked down the aisle together in a wedding years ago! Brother and sister-in-law and never knew it and the two boys were in the wedding, also! The boys have showed me so much love I just can't believe it. Their first card to me knocked me off of my feet!  It said: "Thank you for finding us! Love you always!" ​Janice M.

National Siblings Day 

Today National Siblings Day! For the first time I am able to celebrate today knowing my brothers and sisters are a part of my life. Thank God for Julie and the Locator Team for locating my family in one week! This was the best birthday I've ever had. There have been many special moments with my new family and the best is yet to come! Thank God for you all. - Dee J.

New Year, New Beginnings

Dear Julie, Many many thanks for all of your help. I spoke with Bill on New Years Eve and Patty Ann called me yesterday. I talked to each one for over an hour and we are questioning each other to make sure that we were who we were. I feel confident that this is my family and we will go forward from here. 
It has been 50 years for us a lot of family secrets and stories that hindered us for years, now it is the beginning of the rest of our lives. We are very thankful for the professional way that you handled this for me and also for the speedy outcome. Happy New Years, Stephen

Our 24 Year Missing Piece is Home

After 24 years we finally found the missing piece to our family, my long lost cousin Sam. I thank God above and Julie for making this reunion happen. I am glad to say he is here to stay! - Ashley P.

Daddy and Daughter - Together Again

​Thank you Julie for finding my dad. You have given me the best blessing and made my dream come true. We had an amazing time together and I will always remember this weekend as long as I live. I finally met my daddy who I have been looking for and wondering and imagining about after 29 years of not knowing. I finally feel complete and feel like a void has been filled. My daughter warmed right up to him and she adores him as he adores her. Thank you for doing what you do. Miracles happen every single day and giving up on someone that you think about was just not an option for me. My heart is filled with happiness. - Jennifer D.